Refugees: wide open or airtight borders?

To say that the refugees crisis is shaking the Western world is a bit of an euphemism. Every day, loads of articles are written around the world about people fleeing from war and persecution. Among those articles, many are sharp-toned – and deeply one-sided, whether all refugees should be welcome or kept away from European soil, without any middle-ground. All of them have perfectly valid arguments that strengthen their point – and exaggerations that shatter it. So shall we be generous or cautious ? My point is that we have to be both.

Why do we have to be careful ? First because, as it is rightfully pointed out, potential terrorists are among those people. Even if no reliable figures are available, how unlikely is it that hoards with hundred thousands people leaving a territory partly controlled by ISIS and other fundamentalist groups don’t include some of their members ? The main task of national governments is to ensure the citizens’ safety before everything else. But aside from the terrorist risk, there are other kinds of migrants who could be trouble for the receiving countries. Continue reading