Irrational behavior in recruitment

Lately on LinkedIn, I came across two articles which I found both insightful and depressing.

The first one was written by Susan P Joyce with the title “The Mistake That Can Ruin Your Job Search” (, [read on July 16th 2014]), explaining why recruiters could discard an ideal candidate because someone else sharing the same name had previously misbehaved.

The second one, “Why Recruiters Hire the Wrong People”, written by Maurice Ewing (, [read on July 16th 2014]) was about the right people being kept away from a position due to recruiters’ biased hiring methods.

My first reaction was: how can companies discarding candidates with huge potential for no reason and leaving them available for their worst competitors be that successful? Are they really successful, by the way? How much money did they miss because of irrational behavior? Do their owners/shareholders know about it?

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