Violent “safety” guards

Those times are hard, really hard. Even 9-years old kids are dangerous criminals and threaten the well-being and perennity of our societies. The one featured in the following video made himself guilty of joyriding in local trains, such a major offence. Fortunately, courageous persons, such as this guard, show courage and abnegation and, notwithstanding the risk for their own lives, manage to neutralize those violent individuals with the appropriate means.

Seriously, what kind of threat could that kid possibly represent? Did an 90kg+ guard really need to sit on him, banging his head against a marmor floor, pressing his hand against the kid’s mouth? The worst part is that the police first made the on-the-spot decision not to start an inquiry in this matter, before backing pityfully against public uproar and pressure.

As far as I could read in the media, the kid and his friend are placed in a home for children who need special care, and were having unallowed time-off. Still, the violence this jerk displayed was totally out of proportion.

But enough of bad news for the time being. My next post will be on my recent readings.


Ordinary hate-mongering

One thing nobody walking around in Malmö could possibly have missed is the noticeable increase of the number of migrants coming from Eastern Europe. Indeed, there is hardly any shopping mall or any public place where you cannot find one of them sitting by the entrance and begging for money. Men and women of all ages are found by those places, holding a mug, and sometimes bearing a sign, waiting for alms from good-hearted people.

They are mostly met with indifference. People laying a few coins in their mugs, or simply looking and smiling at them, are true exceptions. And how could it be otherwise when bypassers don’t even dare look at their own fellow citizens, at people who obviously share the same skin color, the same language, the same living standards? Eye contact seems to have become as dangerous as plague nowadays. If you can’t stand contact with those who look just like you, how could you bear addressing someone who most likely won’t understand you because of the language barrier? But my aim with that post is not to digress about people ignoring their fellow humans while looking for an acknowledgement for one’s own existence from them – to treat people the way one does not want to be treated is way too common these days. Continue reading