Thanks to you all for your time and efforts!

I have learnt coding in different languages the past few years, such as Java, HTML5, Javascript, Python, PHP. I am now looking back at those times and the first word that comes to my mind is: thank you!

Thank you indeed to all of you who lay immense time and efforts to make video tutorials and post them on YouTube and different sites for video sharing. You have no idea how helpful it has been to me – and probably to many others as well. I have found solutions to problems and good practice that consolidated my skills. I cannot name you all – you are far too many -, but you will recognize yourselves. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your contributions.

Thank you to all of you who post solutions to problems and answers to questions on fora such as Stackoverflow. Short and accurate answers; just what I needed and got (and still need and get). There again, you know who you are.

Thank you to you who manage coding teaching websites such as CodecademyKhan Academy or OpenClassrooms (warning: the last one is only for French speakers!) I got so much from you, from the basics in new languages to good practice.

Thank you, thank you and once again.. thank you!