Another attack on science

Unsurprisingly, scientists are witnessing more attacks on their disciplines by religious fundamentalists who will never accept the fact that science is more suitable to explain the world than still-to-be-proven dogmas. This time, someone called Edward Feser, a member of the right-wing, catholic Witherspoon Institute, angrily attacks Lawrence Krauss, an astrophysicist – and a well-known, strident atheist as well. Feser implies that Krauss – and thereby science – should shut up because science could not answer some questions about our world whereas philosophy, according to Feser, could.

As surprising as it might sound, I fully agree with Feser when he states that science has no answer to why-related questions. Indeed, why there is an universe rather than nothing, why life has emerged on Earth despite the extremely low probability for this to occur, and whether there is a purpose with this universe are philosophical issues. Science can explain how things work, but definitely not why. Still, I always get on my guard when I hear such people arguing against science.

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