When I first read this article, my first thought was that the author was living in France. Only in that country could people be so indolent in private businesses. Alas no, he is from USA, the very country associated with capitalism and necessity for enterprises to be effective.

This issue is of major importance for several reasons. First, people’s dreams of performing well, delivering products and services with high satisfaction levels, improving on their career paths are simply crushed to dust, with all the human consequences this implies. Second, those corporations are in competition with companies from emerging countries which don’t share that mediocrity mentality. Sooner or later, the latter will win most of the market shares by offering goods of high quality, whereas their western competitors will only come up with stuff nobody is interested in and will eventually have to close down. As a consequence, unemployment rates will skyrocket. Third, it is the very idea of capitalism and free enterprise which is at risk here. This idea is based on the necessity to provide people with things they need and get rewarded in return, which is a condition for mutual prosperity. If it vanishes, lower living standards are to be expected.

I would like to think those are just isolated cases, but all readers’ comments agreeing give a pretty bad feeling.