Forgiveness, a necessity and a blessing

Four years ago, I discovered Gerald Jampolsky’s book “Forgiveness- The greatest healer of all” – which I have mentioned in the previous post. I revere this book as Christians revere the Bible. It is deeply liberating. It is like the Alpheus and Peneus rivers cleaning the Augean stables after Hercule rerouted them, cleaning our own minds from impurities being collecting as time goes by and our resentments accumulate. It opens for a vision of life from a new perspective, having us understand that we don’t get upset by people’s deeds, but by our own reactions to them, and paving the way to a joyful life, provided we stop judging others.


A recent ad on WordPress caught my attention. Although I had been practicing forgiveness for quite some time, I registered to this challenge started by archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho. Why? Simply because, as Jampolsky states, “forgiveness is an everyday process, not an occasional one”. And I welcome everything that reminds me that forgiveness is the only ingredient necessary to a fruitful life. To think we have fully mastered that gift just because we have practiced it for some time would be a dreadful mistake.


2 thoughts on “Forgiveness, a necessity and a blessing

  1. I liked reading your new post. Thanks for posting updates at the fb group, which is good for me. I have so many starred posts of all links I cannot probably go visit your blog on a regular basis.

    Your comment on forgiveness reminded me of some people I want to forgive but find difficulty in the process. As you quote that its an everyday process, I agree with that point as well. Forgiving people is as difficult as loving your enemy as the Bible says regardless of my religion. It takes time to also be healed of what the people had done to you as well. I had to be self-cured before I started thinking about forgiving. Nobody is perfect and some people could be the worst, and I think may be its their role to act that way in the moments of your life as from the spiritual aspect, which some say that people decide what their life will be and who will do what before birth (of which I am half skeptical but they say it).

    Forgiving is a long process and just like healing your hurt feelings, time will cure and take for forgiving. I wish I could forgive those I need to before I die. I don’t want to carry any hard feelings with me in my tomb.

  2. I love you stance on forgiveness. I to think that forgiveness is more than simply stating, “I forgive you”. It’s a internal dilemma that will destroy your soul and wear your body down if you don’t take the time out to truly heal and reflect…
    If you have time call into my blog radio station tonight I would love to hear your opinion on the topic.
    Every Thursday @9pm 646-929-2723 and press 1 to speak…..Healing Flo Lounge

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