The best thing in life

What is the best thing in life? Everything that happens to us is just a temporary experience, pleasant or unpleasant, but whose effect eventually vanishes. Eating an ice-cream on a hot summer day? Once it is eaten up, you already have forgotten it and start to think about something else. Playing with your children? After a few years, they are no longer children but young adults, and those playful times are gone forever. A broken heart? Unless in case of real addictions, the heart is healed after a while, whose length might depend on the person, but which is finite anyway. Seen from that angle, everything seems to be reduced to time-limited pleasures or pains and differences can hardly be made between them. So what is the best thing among similar things? Hard to say, isn’t it? Although, when thinking about it a bit deeper, there is something permanent, at least until we pass away, and it is life itself. Living in awareness of what is going on around us, seizing the present moment and deciding what to do with it, choosing how to react to different events, isn’t this evidence that we are alive, that we might experience all kinds of feelings, that we are in fact masters of our own destinies? So could the best thing in life be life itself? It is so wonderful!

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