First post

Welcome to my blog!

This blog is dedicated to my writings. Ever since I have followed this online course, I have tried to write regularly, no matter the topic. The posts on this blog will therefore show a wide variety, such as reactions to recent events, comments about books or articles I have read as well as works of my own, sometimes literary or philosophical. All comments are welcome here – except of course the malevolent, insulting, hateful and slanderous one; those will be erased as soon as I lay my eyes on them.


2 thoughts on “First post

  1. Hi Nicolas. This is Rumie. I visited your very simple blog format which I like!! I found one typo, litterary, is spelled with one t, so literary would be the correct spelling. One might refer to the litter, which has different meaning. You can delete this post after editing your note. Good luck with your new blog. You are a good writer, so its good that you build up a blog to make you keep writing. Warm regards, Rumie 😉

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